Why don't I see Cash Back for a purchase?

It may be too soon

Most purchases credit 7-10 business days of your order ship date.

You made a Travel purchase

Travel purchases are eligible for Cash back after travel has been completed, and may not appear in your account until 90 days from your completed travel date.


Your order does not qualify for Cash Back

Only qualified purchases that meet the requirements listed under "What purchases qualify for Cash Back?" are eligible.

The most common reasons purchases do not qualify are:

  • You visit an Affiliate Store site without clicking through ShopAtHome.com, a ShopAtHome email, or without activating Cash Back from the ShopAtHome Savings Button. This could include clicking through a search engine, blog, or any other site with a link to the Store.
  • Your click from ShopAtHome.com was not the last click to the Store's site before you made your purchase.
  • You type a new web site address (URL) in the window opened after clicking through ShopAtHome.
  • You allow too much time to lapse between clicking to the Store's site and finalizing your purchase. Waiting more than an hour may disqualify your purchase.
  • You applied a coupon or discount (including vouchers from Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers etc.) to your purchase that you did not get from ShopAtHome, or did not show a Cash Back offer. Where you get the coupon or discount is considered the source of the referral, even when you click through ShopAtHome.
  • Your purchase did not meet the Cash Back Terms (listed on the Store's page on ShopAtHome.com).


For additional information on Qualified Purchases, please see our Terms and Conditions.