What purchases qualify for Cash Back?

ShopAtHome receives a commission from Stores when our members make a qualified purchase after clicking from our site to the Store's site. We share our commission with you in the form of Cash Back.

To ensure your purchases qualify for Cash Back, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be logged into your ShopAtHome account.
  • ShopAtHome must offer Cash Back for the Store where you want to shop, and the items you buy, on the date you shop. (Check the Cash Back Terms on the Store’s page of our site for restrictions, exclusions, and other details).
  • You must link to the Store's site by clicking from ShopAtHome or by activating Cash Back through the Savings Button.
  • All items must be added to your shopping cart at the Store immediately after clicking from ShopAtHome and within the same session, and you must go through ShopAtHome each time you make a new purchase with a Store.
  • You must have Cookies enabled in your browser.
  • You can only use coupons offered by ShopAtHome and only those that show a Cash Back offer. Using coupons from another source will disqualify your purchase (e.g., sent in a Store email or direct mail, listed on other coupon or Cash Back sites, or listed on ShopAtHome.com without a Cash Back offer).
  • Your payment to the Store must be valid when purchase made. If an invalid or you update payment information later, the purchase will not credit to ShopAtHome and will not qualify.
  • Purchases made by resellers and/or bulk buyers may not be eligible for Cash Back and do not qualify for Extra Cash Back, Special Events, or Bonus Offers.
  • The purchase did not involve an affirmative interaction with the ShopAtHome website, Savings Button, or smartphone/tablet application.