What rewards does ShopAtHome offer, and what are the rules for these rewards?

ShopAtHome offers Cash Back Rewards and Promotional Rewards. Cash Back Rewards are credits made to Members' accounts from purchases at Affiliate Stores that result from any interaction with a ShopAtHome.com Product (like our website, the Savings Button and our smartphone/tablet applications).

Below is a brief description of Rewards and the related rules. Please see our Terms and Conditions for additional information. Also, NOTE: that all capitalized terms below are defined in these same Terms and Conditions.

Most Cash Back is Qualified Cash Back, which is a Cash Back Reward generated by a Qualified Purchase (see the FAQ for "What purchases qualify for Cash Back?" under "Cash Back Questions"). This cash is posted to your account once a purchase confirmation is received by ShopAtHome. Once you have at least $20 in Qualified Cash Back in your account, a payment will be scheduled. The payment will be made approximately 60 days after the last day of the month during which you reach the $20 minimum.

Some Cash Back is Non-Qualified Cash Back. This is a Cash Back Reward generated by a purchase that did not involve an Outclick from ShopAtHome.com or clicking on an interactive feature of the Savings Button. Non-Qualified Cash Back may have different terms than Qualified Cash Back, such as the percent of the purchase amount awarded to the customer; and Non-Qualified Cash Back does not count toward the $20 minimum of Qualified Cash Back required for ShopAtHome to schedule a payment per the schedule above.

We also provide our Members with Promotional Rewards. These are Rewards like a sign-up bonus, a referral bonus, or select ShopAtHome promotions like "Buy More Save More". These do not count toward the $20 minimum in Qualified Cash Back; and are included in a Payment scheduled when the user reaches the $20 Qualified Cash Back minimum. ShopAtHome may reverse both Promotional Rewards and Non-Qualified Cash Back in some circumstances should the customer not have a Qualifying Purchase in a specific periord of time.

Lastly, it costs ShopAtHome money to maintain Members accounts. As such, we deactivate dormant accounts; and we consider accounts to be dormant after 12 consecutive months without a qualifying purchase. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information surrounding our policy regarding dormant accounts.