How do I select my payment type?

ShopAtHome has made some important changes to the way we pay our members. We want to
make sure you are aware of these policies.
Rewards Store
We have introduced the rewards store which allows ShopAtHome members with balances as
low as $10 to redeem from over 50 gift card options. Members no longer have to wait until the
end of the month for payment. Once your cash back balance hits $10 you can claim a gift card
reward. Your gift card will be delivered to you via email within 2 to 3 business days.
Paid By Check
If you previously elected payment via check, there will be no change. All users who have
selected this payment method will be automatically sent a check once a month provided that
they have
  • at least $20 cash back balance in their account
  • provided a valid U.S. or Canadian postal address
  • verified their email address


If you wish to select an automatic check payment, you must go to your Account Settings
page and select the “Enable Check Payout Method” checkbox above your profile information:
Paid By PayPal or Amazon Gift Card - Important Changes
If you previously selected to receive payment in the form of Amazon Gift Card or PayPal, you will
no longer receive automatic payments. Members who wish to redeem their cash back for gift
cards or via PayPal must do so through the rewards store.