What's new with my Account Statement and Account Settings?

There have been some changes to the account statement page.  Let's walk you through it!


As a ShopAtHome customer, you will recognize the screenshot below as your previous Account Statement page. From this page, you were able to access your Unpaid and Paid Cash Back, along with selecting your payment type.




Below you will see that you now have an Account Settings page and an Account Ledger.  The Account Settings page is where you will be able to update any information or preferences, including if you prefer to receive a check payment.



Below is the Account Ledger.  From here you will be able to to see your pending Shopping transactions, Rewards, Survey Completions, Offer completions and Coupon credit. 




To access your Favorite Shops you will now need to click on the heart icon for them to be added to your Favorites List.  This list will show up in your ShopAtHome homepage once you have added 6 shops.