What Is Bonus Cash

Bonus Cash is a bonus or “power-up” that ShopAtHome applies to your account. The extra Cashback that you receive from the Bonus Cash depends on the type that is applied to your account.

Generally, there are two types of Bonus Cash.

  1. A Cash Award Bonus:
    This type of Bonus will add Cashback to your account when you conduct the activities that unlock the award. Examples of these include a Bonus that:
    1. Doubles the Cashback you earn for completing the survey
    2. Awards you a flat amount of Cashback for completing a survey
    3. Doubles the Cashback you earn when you shop online
    4. Awards you a flat amount of Cashback when you shop online
  2. A Rebate Bonus:
    This type of Bonus issues you a Cashback rebate when you redeem a gift card. For example, you might receive a Bonus that rebates you $5 Cashback on your next gift card redemption. If you have this type of Bonus, when you redeem your Cashback for a gift card, you will automatically receive $5 Cashback provided the gift card for which you redeemed your Cashback is greater than the amount of the Bonus. In other words, if you redeemed $3 Cashback for a $3 Amazon Gift Card, you would not receive the $5 Cashback rebate for which the Bonus is valid because the rebate amount is greater than the number of Cashback you cashed-in.

All Bonus Cash has an expiration date. If you have multiple Bonus Cash offers applied to your account for the same type of award, i.e., multiple Bonus Cash that issue rebates, they are applied on a “First to Expire Basis”.